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48 hours lie between you and some of the best developers in the world, custom-matched with custom contract length, to your precise requirements.

In between fundamentals, programming & distributed systems and a lot more, we carefully evaluate and understand
skills of our developers.

You'll get plenty of world-class options, so you can choose to either make your dream team, or get a superstar coder that elevates your exisiting team.

With our robust and detailed skill card, you'll be able to filter out the matched developers to the exact skillet you need and more importantly you'll use them for what makes them amazing. 

Once you have zeroed in, you can connect with your developers, finialise details and  be on your way to tech utopia. 

Create an economic advantage by customising contract lengths with your BetaCrew-matched developer.

Through the profiling, interviewing, soft and hard skill tests, we are constantly looking to segregate and isolate each detail of our developer's skill sets, which range from Fundamentals, Frontend, to Distributed Systems, and everything in between.
The result?
A community of ambitious difference-makers ready to go to work.

BetaCrew's robust work management system coupled with developers who celebrate responsibility makes for a potent combination, that results in a working environment that’s inspired by transparency and egged on by a desire to excel. 

BetaCrew enables you to contract any of the developers you match and helps you customise your contract lengths.

With regular progress reports, you’ll always be empowerd with knowledge of every little detail.

At all given moments, we understand that you need to be in control of every action. As such, if there is a dispute, BetaCrew intervenes and provides hands-on-support whenever you need it.

Your project will always come first. So, if a developer does not work out, we will find new matches and provide replacement options in a jiffy.  

We ❤️ JavaScript

BetaCrew's community of Javascript devs have a deep expertise with multiple JavaScript libraries. 

48-Hour Match

We evaluate your requirments and rapidly match you with developers in 48-hours. 


We match you developers based on the pecise skillset, time-frame, and cost requirments of your project.

Hands-On Support

We will always be there to resolve disputes & to make sure your project runs smoothly.

Instant Replacement

If the matched-developer doesn't work out for whatever reason, we swiftly match you with new developers, at no extra cost. We've got your back.

Flexible Hiring

You can focus on starting your project without any stress, because BetaCrew enables flexible contract lenghts, which means you have no obligation to hire long-term. 


What is BetaCrew's expertise?

We are a budding marketplace of highly experienced JavaScript developers, with deep knowledge in various JavaScript libraries, with a special focus on:
React, React Native, Node.js and Express.js

Does BetaCrew provide IT service, or just freelancers?

BetaCrew matches you primarily with freelancers, but can also match you with development houses.

How many hours can a developer work per week?

The developer states the amount of hours he/she can work for in the SkillCard you receive. BetaCrew only matches you to developers based on your requirements, so in cases your project needs more time, then you'll be matched with developers who have more time.

How do we work with developers from different time zones?

You will only be matched with developers that makes sense with your time zone, enabled with some overlapping hours for regular stand-ups.

How does BetaCrew ensure project quality?

BetaCrew's platform is about 100% transparency. You will have regular stand up meetings and updates from your matched developer. And should you want to change the developer, BetaCrew matches you with a new one at no extra cost.

Do you have React Developers?

Yes, we do. In fact, we enlist a lot of developers for their React skillset alone.

Can you help me migrate my current application to React?

Yes we can. It's actually one of our specialities!

How is the contract length decided?

During the first engineer-client meet, a mutual agreement on to the contract length can be discussed and finalised with our help.

What if the contract length needs to be revised during the project?

Contract lengths can be amended in a flexible way during any moment of the project, including extension beyond completion.

Are contracts based on milestones or hours?

The contracts are based on the monthly hours required. Additionally, you can provide tasks on an Agile method or any other method of your choosing.

Can I get a full-time developer?

Yes, you can, subject to availability and requirement. 

Will I work and coordinate directly with the developer?

You will have a direct contact with your matched-developer, and BetaCrew offers hands-on support.

What are the major technologies or frameworks for BetaCrew?

BetaCrew houses developers of many types of experiences, but all with deep expertise in JavaScript and all its different libraries, making us a perfect match for all business and the different stages of product development

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