We Design And Develop High Quality Software For Your Business Needs

We are a technology focused development shop. Our core values are Customer Focus, Quality and a Lean development style.


Software Product Development

Web and Mobile software products using our signature lean methodology

Rapid MVP for Startups

Get your startup idea out in the world - fast and at a low cost. Partner with us to achieve product-market fit

Custom Software Tools

Bring the cost of doing business down by automating internal processes


How to turn your vision into LIFE

Whether you’re starting with an idea or have a fully-developed spec, we’re on it. We immerse ourselves into your teams when it’s appropriate...or simply manage discrete aspects of a project if that’s what you need. And everything in between.

Client Interaction

  • Call or Meeting

  • Problem statement generation

  • Requirement gathering & Analysis


  • Agile Development

  • Continuous customer feedback

  • User Acceptance Testing


  • Iterate on low-fidelity wireframes

  • Showcase high-fidelity prototypes


  • High quality application

  • Release documentation

  • Product walkthrough & Training

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Why Choose BetaCrew

Focus On Customers

We have customer focus built into everything we do here. We measure our success based on returning customers who want to experience more of our expertise, quality and dedication.

State Of The Art

We love staying in vogue with the latest and greatest technologies and methods in our industry. This passion for technology helps us keep your product best-in-class.

Lean Methodologies

At BetaCrew, we do not like wasted effort. Our aim is to provide maximum value without wasting our customers' time or resources. We follow highly iterative Lean Development methods wherein we seek feedback for every important milestone and try to nip miscommunication and misalignment in the bud.

Building an MVP or Need some consultation?

If you want to have a jargon-free tech conversation with someone who understands your aim and what you are trying to achieve then drop us a message. We can help you find the right technical requirements for your product.

Technologies We

Rather than shoehorning you into a certain platform, we spend time truly understanding your goals inside and out, then customize a solution that will scale as you grow.

In other words, we don’t try to fit you into something off the rack. We’re about tailoring a one-of-a-kind suit, handmade to meet your unique needs.



What industries do you

work with?

We have experience with many industries such as technology, healthcare, infrastructure, security, advertisement, professional and financial services.

We will need an NDA if we get into a project with you, is that ok?


How do I get started?

That's easy! You can reach out to us via our contact us form. You can also email us at hello@betacrew.io or message us on our social media handles and we can schedule an initial call to align on your requirements.

How do we communicate remotely if in-person meetings are not convenient?

Our preferred communication mediums are Zoom, Google Meet for Video calls. For written communication we prefer Slack, Whatsapp or Messenger.

What Our Clients Say

Pratik Vora


They go the extra mile and provide alternative solutions rather than just going with the flow and accepting what we’ve given them. Expect a communicative partner who can provide design consultation and deliver quality software.

Swati Gaonkar

StepOneStepAhead LLC

They are always forthcoming, coming up with good solutions for us to improve processes.

Zakir Shaikh

Akinzin Private Limited

BetaCrew’s agile approach to development allowed us full involvement in the specification of the system – and the ability to refine this as we went and deliver something powerful yet very cost-effective.


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